We help you grow faster

From hunches to AI product prototypes in 4 weeks

We build quick AI prototypes in less time than it takes your pitch deck to get internal approval and investors’ reactions.

  • Validate the concept with users before investing heart and soul
  • Prove worth to investors on the spot
  • Test your ideas quickly and make sounder decisions


Test before you invest

There are 15.000+ AI startups (U.S., 2023) in the market. You can’t just pour money and build and pray it works. Investors are pulling the plugs. You have to test fast, prove worth faster.

But testing puts additional strain on internal teams. Instill uncertainty in your startup. Untested ideas are always on a backburner.

But with AI, you can’t sit around and wait.

In a nutshell…

We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your primary product.

AI prototyping

AI prototyping

  • Developing prototypes from scratch
  • Turning ML experiments to business cases
  • Connecting LLMs
From an AI prototype to MVP

From an AI prototype to MVP

  • Fine-tuning and further development
  • Leading development teams
  • Full software development and maintenance
AI advisory

AI advisory

  • Get software architecture analysis
  • Validate your tech stack choices
  • Should we use AI at all or if-then-else?
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How we work with you

Swift processes for swift AI development

This is the proven process that allows us to deliver you AI prototypes in just 4 weeks.

From discussing the feasibility of the project and challenging your view on AI, to development, maintenance and refinement.

Tell us your bravest AI ideas. We heard it all, but feel free to surprise us.

Drive your business forward


Extract the power of AI while maintaining control over your budget. Let us handle the AI prototyping. Or analyze the idea and tell you whether it’s worth pursuing or not.

In just a month, you’ll have a prototype that you can:


Present to your investors and see their true reactions


Test with your users and feel the sentiment


Use to actively steer or protect your budget
Bojan Softerrific

Meet Bojan, the CEO of Softerrific

10+ years in the industry as a Senior Python developer AWS Solution Architect (AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate)
Speaker at industry leading conferences
Loves sharing knowledge and empowering others in his spare time.

Bojan is also a keynote speaker and presenter on key international events on topics of AI and Machine Learning.

Check out some of those events

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Stop presenting decks. Present the AI look and feel.

Schedule a coffee here today, tell us your AI idea and we’ll take it from there to your very first prototype.


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